Free Monthly Horoscopes

We are very lucky to have Carol Day writing our monthly horoscopes; she is a very knowledgeable astrologer and has many years of experience.

Astrology is based on the relationship between the planets, the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac or Sun signs; and 12 areas of a person’s life called houses. Astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, giving explanations for phenomena that rational science can’t begin to address.

Astrology was the first science. As early as 2900 BC the Sumerians built temples to observe the stars and planets. Very soon astrology developed into a very complex practice and by 2000 BC the magi of Mesopotamia believed that there were no such things as accidents and that everything in the universe – people, objects and events are connected. The magi were priests trained in astrology and other sciences and they studied the stars and looked for omens in all things. They studied the same things in the sky that we see today, the sunrise and sunset, the stars, planets, meteors and the Milky Way.

Astrology was studied in universities until the 1600′s when ‘rational science’ took over. Today most astrologers are very well educated and many hold college degrees. They frequently have training in psychology and counselling, and have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

We hope you enjoy your horoscope predictions for the coming month…

  • Star Sign


    The power in your 4th home/family sky this month is clearly the strongest in your chart. So, the focus should be on your home and family, on a par with your health and wellbeing, so get enough fresh air, rest and relax. Ruler Mars enters your money sky on the 5th and stays all month, a positive for earnings. Jupiter is with you all month, so you’re well-off. Venus still favours PR, marketing and sales. Love is closer to home after the 18th, with family playing Cupid. Delightful!

  • Star Sign


    July offers a great transit for students below College level, as your 3rd sky of interaction is powerful now. Students should be successful in their studies; this also includes the spiritual. It’s a great time to read more or take courses in your chosen skillset – some may also be teaching in your subject. It’s also a good time for those involved in sales/PR; trading seems lucrative from the 5th-19th. On the 30th & 31st, Mars/Uranus travel together, creating a dynamic spiritual ambience.

  • Star Sign


    It’s a good news month for Gemini; you are still amid a yearly financial peak and will be even richer by the month-end. Your money sky is the strongest right now and is the main focus of July. Venus moves into your 2nd finance sky and indicates good financial intuition, especially from the 5th-19th. You’ll also receive superb news about money and your love life blossoms. On the 22nd & 23rd, Mercury gets up close and personal with the love planet Jupiter. Love is all your need!

  • Star Sign


    Moon-folk are still basking in the sunshine of maximum personal freedom. It’s time to focus on number one and take advantage of your own happiness. Prosperity increases, and money windfalls and lucky breaks are still happening. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your money sky (his own sign), and he is very powerful here. More importantly, you begin a yearly financial peak, and a New Moon on the 28th is an excellent fiscal day. Mercury is in your sign from the 5th-19th, bathing you with cosmic stardust. Divine!

  • Star Sign


    Mars often has an unfair press, and he crosses your Mid-heaven on the 5th, entering your career sky. So, you could be forgiven for thinking there may be a few disputes on the career front. In your case, Mars rules your beneficent 9th sky, so even if you have words, the results are good. There is also career-related travel. Mercury (money) is in your spiritual sky; from the 5th-19th, showing fiscal intuition is good. The Sun enters your 1st sky on the 23rd, and you begin a yearly pleasure peak. Enjoy!

  • Star Sign


    The Cosmic flavour of the month for Virgo is ‘true love’, either with the beloved or someone new! The Sun enters your 12th spiritual sky on the 23rd, his own sign and house and is very strong here. So, this is an intense spiritual period. Ruler Mercury will enter there as well on the 19th; to help focus on spiritual matters. Two benign planets in your 12th sky; show much mystical progress. Venus enters your 11th sky on the 18th, where hopes and wishes come true – financially!

  • Star Sign


    Lucky Libra will be riding on the crest of the career waves this month. Ruler Venus moves into your career sky on the 18th, making your success even greater – you’re on top of the world! You are known not only for your successes; but for your overall demeanour. From the 18th onwards, your personal appearance plays a key role in your future career profits. Romance/friendships enhance your social life from the 23rd; the Sun is in your friend’s sky. The beloved comes to the rescue financially.

  • Star Sign


    Health and work planet (Mars); moves into your 7th love sky on the 5th and stays there for the rest of the month. Good health means a happy love/social life. The good news here is that with Jupiter in your 6th health sky, you’ll get the best-case scenarios; with any health issues. Also, a visit to the therapist may have romantic undertones. On the 23rd, you begin a yearly career peak when the Sun; will be in his own sky and very powerful – a lovely surprise that spells success.

  • Star Sign


    Charismatic Centaurs are flying high in July as they are blessed with energy and well-being. You have all the drive you need to pull off one of those aims you stashed away. You’re still in the 8th rebirth sky, which is stronger than last month. So perhaps you’re looking at a personal makeover and a new detox/exercise regime? Love planet Mercury is also in the 8th sky from the 5th-19th, so your social life is fantastic. However, for you, a quiet evening is preferred to a night out on the town.

  • Star Sign


    Love is in the air this month, and your 7th love sky is the most powerful in your chart just now. Singles are dating more – you even meet people you consider marriage material! Couples are attending extra social functions. The beloved is rich in July; and has a yearly financial peak on the 23rd. Mars makes lively aspects to Pluto on the 1st & 2nd; you and a parent figure need to relax. On the 30th & 31st, Mars/Uranus create a dynamic link-up; and a parent helps fiscally. In July, all you need is love!

  • Star Sign


    On the 5th, our lovely water-bearers move into the social Western sector of your chart. Then, on the 23rd, your 7th sky of love/social pursuits and ‘others’ becomes powerful. Your social skills will carry the day, not your personal abilities – perhaps let others have their way? Mars enters your 4th home/family sky on the 5th; and stays there for the rest of the month, creating a good time for home repairs. When the Sun enters your 7th sky on the 23rd, you begin a yearly love and social peak. Joy!

  • Star Sign


    Health has hugely improved over last month’s downturn, even though it was just a short-term blip in overall energy levels. However, you are still in one of your pleasure peaks and can look forward to a fun month ahead. Happiness is a great healing force. You are still in a ‘me’ period, and when complete, you should spend more time with the beloved. Love planet Mercury continues apace this month, especially with love. You are attracted to people at work or those involved in healthcare. Blessed!