Free Monthly Horoscopes

We are very lucky to have Carol Day writing our monthly horoscopes; she is a very knowledgeable astrologer and has many years of experience.

Astrology is based on the relationship between the planets, the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac or Sun signs; and 12 areas of a person’s life called houses. Astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, giving explanations for phenomena that rational science can’t begin to address.

Astrology was the first science. As early as 2900 BC the Sumerians built temples to observe the stars and planets. Very soon astrology developed into a very complex practice and by 2000 BC the magi of Mesopotamia believed that there were no such things as accidents and that everything in the universe – people, objects and events are connected. The magi were priests trained in astrology and other sciences and they studied the stars and looked for omens in all things. They studied the same things in the sky that we see today, the sunrise and sunset, the stars, planets, meteors and the Milky Way.

Astrology was studied in universities until the 1600′s when ‘rational science’ took over. Today most astrologers are very well educated and many hold college degrees. They frequently have training in psychology and counselling, and have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

We hope you enjoy your horoscope predictions for the coming month…

  • Star Sign


    The festive season beautifies your aura, rich in fragrances of nostalgia as you reminisce about the days of wine and roses. A Solar Eclipse which occurs on the 4th in your religion/education sky pulls your spirit within. Perhaps there is a need to reawaken your faith? Defer love decisions until the New Year. On the 21st you enter a yearly career peak and have the support of the Venus/Pluto link. Enjoy Christmas full of love, wealth and happiness.

  • Star Sign


    Taurus folk are happy to welcome ruler Venus back on the 7th from her walkabout since October 11th. So, you’ll settle back into your normal routine, but with a few added extras to include more health/work matters, could this be your new normal? The Solar Eclipse on the 4th affects funds of the beloved; some changes are needed, but it’s mostly benign for you. The eclipse falls in your 8th sky, so, take a cup of kindliness and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

  • Star Sign


    Celebrations for Gemini this Christmas as love planet Jupiter moves into your spiritual sky on the 20th, bringing a whole new dimension to love. There’s also a Solar Eclipse on the 4th which falls in your love sky, rocking your dream boat! Although romantic affairs have been good lately, it’s time to see just how good. Your money moon waxes from the 14th-30th, with the best money date being the 12th. Jupiter enters your career sky on the 10th, signalling a super year ahead.

  • Star Sign


    For Moonfolk there are some exciting changes ahead this month. Your love planet Saturn is moving forward and on the 21st you begin a yearly love/social peak. So, it’s all systems go when it comes to love. Add to this a Solar Eclipse on the 4th in your health/work sky which shows clever changes in your health regime, and positive changes in your work/fun skies. It’s also Christmas, a fabulous time for a Moondance. Financially you’re in clover!

  • Star Sign


    A Solar Eclipse on the 4th in your children and creativity sky is great for fun-loving Leo’s this Christmas, it gives you joy in planning festivities and buying presents. Though the eclipse shakes things up it’s not going to lessen your joy as you recall bygone days. You should still take it easy over the eclipse period. The Sun usually brings a detox of body and a re-definition of image. The start of the month brings success, so, count your blessings.

  • Star Sign


    The final Solar Eclipse of the year occurs in your 4th sky of home/family, being there for the family this Christmas is more important than anything else for you. Since the eclipse impacts Mercury, your image probably needs upgrading to reflect the person you are now. We are evolving beings and can’t be defined by the past. As you change, your image blossoms. The cosmos showers you with stardust and you have the best Christmas you’ve had for years.

  • Star Sign


    For many Librans, the festive season is a party period, but this year it seems that family come first; you just want to enjoy the comforts of home. Around the 21st your social circle expands even further; finances are excellent with Venus linking up with Pluto. The Solar Eclipse on the 4th sees changes in your spiritual life. With an aura of Christmas harmony at home, you’ll take a cup of kindness yet for the sake of Auld Lang Syne.

  • Star Sign


    The planetary momentum is amazingly forward this month, plus you’ve just had your birthday recently, so your personal solar cycle is waxing. You’re in a super period for starting new projects/ventures, there is lots of cosmic support for this. A Solar Eclipse on the 4th occurs in your money sky, make some changes here – and then wait for next year’s success. Venus camps out on Pluto, they’re singing songs of love just for you! You’ll have a magical Christmas!

  • Star Sign


    Once the excitement of a Solar Eclipse on the 4th in your own sign dies down, you can look forward to a happy and prosperous month ahead. You’re still in a personal pleasure peak until the 21st, enjoying the good life. Mars also pops into your sign on the 13th bringing fun/children into your life. Plus, the Sun moves into your money sky on the 21st and you begin a yearly financial peak; even that won’t stop kisses under the mistletoe and tasty figgy pudding.

  • Star Sign


    Christmas bells are ringing out for you this month; a Solar Eclipse on the 4th falls in your 12th sky of spirituality bringing home the real message of Christmas. This is good for studying sacred literature, expect a revelation! There’s a beautiful winter Solstice on the 21st and when Jupiter enters Pisces it’s the start of a new era in 2022. Venus offers new career contracts and after the 21st the Sun begins your very personal pleasure peak. You’re on Cloud Nine!

  • Star Sign


    The Christmas month ahead is basically happy, healthy and prosperous, even the Solar Eclipse on the 4th in your 11th friendship sky is essentially benign for you. Jupiter moves into your money sky on the 30th and will ensure that 2022 is prosperous for you. Venus camps out with Pluto from the 11th onwards, so major career advances are happening. Romance is found in spiritual venues and love is more like friends with benefits. Enjoy!

  • Star Sign


    For Pisces Christmas is your special time of year, it highlights the advent theme of hope in despair, light in the darkness, and could easily describe the effects of the winter Solstice on the 21st. A Solar Eclipse on the 4th which occurs in your career sky affects you closely. It’s time to put those ideas into action! Jupiter says goodbye to Aquarius/Saturn on the 28th. Then he comes home to Pisces for all of 2022, where he really shines especially for you.