Free Monthly Horoscopes

We are very lucky to have Carol Day writing our monthly horoscopes; she is a very knowledgeable astrologer and has many years of experience.

Astrology is based on the relationship between the planets, the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac or Sun signs; and 12 areas of a person’s life called houses. Astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, giving explanations for phenomena that rational science can’t begin to address.

Astrology was the first science. As early as 2900 BC the Sumerians built temples to observe the stars and planets. Very soon astrology developed into a very complex practice and by 2000 BC the magi of Mesopotamia believed that there were no such things as accidents and that everything in the universe – people, objects and events are connected. The magi were priests trained in astrology and other sciences and they studied the stars and looked for omens in all things. They studied the same things in the sky that we see today, the sunrise and sunset, the stars, planets, meteors and the Milky Way.

Astrology was studied in universities until the 1600′s when ‘rational science’ took over. Today most astrologers are very well educated and many hold college degrees. They frequently have training in psychology and counselling, and have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

We hope you enjoy your horoscope predictions for the coming month…

  • Star Sign


    It’s more haste less speed for our energetic Aries in June, the cosmos calls you to straighten up and fly right, be careful, avoid short cuts and handle life details better. A Lunar Eclipse on 5th (education/religious) sky shows changes in training for both. There’s a classic conundrum home/family versus career, you can’t ignore either but have to deal with both. Watch your health and don’t work through eclipses! June 21st Solar Eclipse shows good family finances.

  • Star Sign


    Although the month ahead is eventful and we have the usual changes which surround eclipses, you are somewhat shielded by the Mars and Venus effect from the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th. This falls into your regeneration sky and causes financial changes for the beloved, so you come to the rescue. Venus sends you her magic makeover rays; new image, new you! Mars sheds a solstice light on the mystical life, and on the Solar Eclipse 21st you have a windfall.

  • Star Sign


    Venus bathes you in cosmic stellar light this month as you’re still in a yearly pleasure peak. It’s a good time to beautify the body and image, look at new health regimes and generally pamper yourself. The main headlines this month are the two eclipses; both impact on your fiscal life showing financial course corrections are needed. The Lunar Eclipse on 5th is in your love sky so romance is being tested and a Solar Eclipse on 21st, brings educational and spiritual inspiration.

  • Star Sign


    Moon folk should take it easy and relax during this double-eclipse month as both affect you strongly. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th in your health/work sky shows job changes and also new health regimes. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st falls in your own sign, which brings financial changes. This eclipse can also bring about a bodily detox and a redefinition of self, the image and nature you present to others. Be a little patient, you’ll be over the moon with the results.

  • Star Sign


    Career-wise Leo’s are slowing down in June, work issues are not clear and only time will bring clarity here, and so you’re looking for fun and feeling groovy! This slowdown is caused by retrograde planetary activity at its maximum just now. It’s a good time for spiritual progress, worldly doors may be closed, celestial doors are open… A Lunar Eclipse on 5th (fun/children) sky, and a Solar Eclipse on 21st, infers a need to redefine your Leo nature.

  • Star Sign


    Virgo’s are still in a yearly career peak until the 21st, so success is yours this month despite the two eclipses; and a personal ambition may be realised. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th falls in your home/family sky which means passions can run high, and computer repairs may be needed. Wearing your ‘peace’ hat, you’ll soon soothe troubled waters. Money-wise clarity returns on the 25th when Venus moves forward and there’s a real chance of a sudden windfall.

  • Star Sign


    The Moon is Libra’s career planet and her Eclipse on 5th falls into your intellectual/interaction sky, it indicates your career is in a state of flux. There could also be supervisory or industrial changes at work. Venus/Mars two key planets are also impacted by the eclipse which shows you and the beloved need to redefine yourselves. Check cars/computers around the Solar Eclipse on 21st, this falls on a Cardinal point (0 degrees Libra/Aries/Cancer/Capricorn) it has a worldwide effect, not just a personal one.

  • Star Sign


    The main influence in June for Scorpio is the retrograde of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto – three very important planets in your chart. Pluto your ruler represents personal desires. Venus rules the love life and Jupiter your finances, all these areas are slowing down. Yet prosperity will still happen as Jupiter travels with Pluto, and love improves after the 25th when Venus moves forward. It can also bring shifts in the spiritual life, maybe recalling that old time religion.

  • Star Sign


    We have two eclipses in June and planetary retrograde activity points to its maximum level for the year. The Lunar Eclipse of the 5th occurs in your own sign and affects you strongly, so take a more relaxed schedule at work and play. So, you’ll be giving yourself a new look, and enhancing your personality. A Solar Eclipse on 21st also affects your makeover sky and causes spiritual changes. You’ll need deep pockets as there are fiscal changes needed for the beloved.

  • Star Sign


    Capricorn’s love sky is impacted by the two eclipses this month. Every lunar eclipse affects your relationships and this one is no exception, personal dramas with those close to you are impacted. The first Lunar Eclipse on the 5th occurs in your spiritual sky, so there are a few upheavals in your spiritual world. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st falls in your love sky and tests the love-life, perhaps a money crisis is the cause? Reduce your schedule around the eclipses and get plenty of rest.

  • Star Sign


    Our caring water-bearers are still in the midst of a yearly pleasure peak until the 21st this month. Fortunately, your pace of life slows down in your world just now, so you may as well visit your favourite country garden tea-house (lock-down allowing). The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th in your friendship sky shows friendships get tested and the Solar Eclipse of the 21st in your health/work sky bring changes at work. Exploring new health regimes proves very useful in the months ahead.

  • Star Sign


    You are a follower of fashion this month and you update your wardrobe with some dreamy outfits ready for your next career push. Luckily Mars is in your sign and brings you financial windfalls, so you don’t have to worry about cost. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th falls in your career sky which shows beneficial changes. A Solar Eclipse of the 21st falls in your fun/children sky, then the Sun moves into your 5th house on 21st, so you’re in a yearly pleasure peak. Enjoy!