Free Monthly Horoscopes

We are very lucky to have Carol Day writing our monthly horoscopes; she is a very knowledgeable astrologer and has many years of experience.

Astrology is based on the relationship between the planets, the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac or Sun signs; and 12 areas of a person’s life called houses. Astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, giving explanations for phenomena that rational science can’t begin to address.

Astrology was the first science. As early as 2900 BC the Sumerians built temples to observe the stars and planets. Very soon astrology developed into a very complex practice and by 2000 BC the magi of Mesopotamia believed that there were no such things as accidents and that everything in the universe – people, objects and events are connected. The magi were priests trained in astrology and other sciences and they studied the stars and looked for omens in all things. They studied the same things in the sky that we see today, the sunrise and sunset, the stars, planets, meteors and the Milky Way.

Astrology was studied in universities until the 1600′s when ‘rational science’ took over. Today most astrologers are very well educated and many hold college degrees. They frequently have training in psychology and counselling, and have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

We hope you enjoy your horoscope predictions for the coming month…

  • Star Sign


    Aries can look forward to an amazing January as you’re in the midst of a successful yearly career peak, which is ultra-powerful. With half the planets either in the horoscope or moving through there. There’s also a Lunar Eclipse on the 10th which affects the home/family figures in your life. Why not include some rest/relaxation around this time, perhaps try aromatherapy? There is no task you can’t handle; emotional well-being comes with outer success.

  • Star Sign


    On the 11th, your career planet Uranus starts to move forward. On the 20th the Sun enters your career sky, so you’re in a yearly career peak. The family is fully behind you and this often shows kinsfolk being elevated in status. Moneywise, Mercury travels with Jupiter from 1st-4th bringing success in finance. On the 16th Mercury enters Aquarius, his most powerful money position. Despite a Lunar Eclipse on the 10th, January is still prosperous and successful.

  • Star Sign


    Gemini, New Year Resolutions in January could simply involve the art of resurrection and personal transformation! So, this is a month for decluttering and losing non-useful material possessions or mental/emotional patterns. Clear them away and start to bloom; a good month for in-depth psychology. A Lunar Eclipse on 10th in your money sky is powerful financially, but be prudent, call in the experts. The beloved will happily share their excess wealth with you.

  • Star Sign


    January, generally speaking is about other peoples’ needs, your job is to prosper others, and as you do this your own supply will come quite naturally. Healthwise –watch your diet, take it easy and reduce your schedule, mainly around the Lunar Eclipse of the 10th. There will be family dramas, where you’ll be wearing your peace-makers hat; cars/computers will also get tested. After the 20th all will improve; more haste less speed in health matters, get enough rest.

  • Star Sign


    The planetary momentum is amazingly forward this month. On the 11th, as love planet Uranus moves forward, all the planets will be in forward motion. Perfect timing for when the Sun enters your love sky on the 21st and you begin a yearly love/social peak. Social popularity is wonderful and helps shape your lifestyle. Mercury’s powerful position shows a great financial month. A Lunar Eclipse on 10th in your sacred sky lifts a veil on your spiritual attitudes.

  • Star Sign


    Life is beautiful and health and energy are superb. It’s a very comfy month for you, progress happens quickly after the 11th, as all of the planets are moving forward. Even the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in your friendship sky, will not dim the goodness of the month. You may find that some changes are actually good; they clear barriers and open doors. Money planet Venus enters powerful Pisces, showing increased earnings and a spiritual approach to wealth. Enjoy!

  • Star Sign


    Perhaps you should practice some morning meditation and breathing exercises, followed by stretches and/or aerobics. To be mentally and physically prepared for the month ahead. Your well-being is important just now. A Lunar Eclipse in your career sky on 10th shows shake-ups workwise; read the small print! Home/family dramas run high, but for you ‘It’s June in January’ because you’re in love. Even though the trees are bare, you feel the scent of roses in the air.

  • Star Sign


    From the 2nd onwards health planet Mars will be in your money sky, good health for you means good financial health, and profitable earnings through work. Home/family and your emotional well-being are important now, and in order to attain your outer goals you need a good foundation. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th impacts on Pluto and shows the need for a mind/body/spirit makeover. Raise a glass and celebrate your success with the beloved. Bliss!

  • Star Sign


    It’s a great start to the year for you. Finances are in good shape as you’re still in the midst of a yearly money peak. Earnings are good and January is a prosperous month. Mars in your own sky offers a choice of personal independence at any cost, or home/family harmony. With a Lunar Eclipse on 10th in your 8th house, which rules, death and rebirth, more haste less speed is needed. Its effect on Saturn shows financial changes and with Pluto a spiritual epiphany.

  • Star Sign


    It’s an impressive start to the New Year as you’re in a period of maximum personal independence and it’s time to focus on your own happiness. It’s not selfish it’s just the cycle you’re in. The Lunar Eclipse on the 10th affects you strongly as it occurs in your love sky and impacts on the Moon your love planet. It’s a good time to consider changes to your lifestyle but don’t forget your partner’s needs. Newsflash: The Sun starts your financial peak on the 20th.

  • Star Sign


    Your spiritual sky is easily the strongest in your horoscope this month with at least half the planets there or moving through there. So, this is a month of spiritual breakthroughs. The invisible world is closer and you may encounter all kinds of supernatural experiences. The Eclipse occurs on 10th and falls in your health/work sky. So, a new health regime looks likely. On the 20th the Sun enters your own sign and you begin a personal pleasure peak. Enjoy!

  • Star Sign


    Pisces can look forward to a happy and prosperous January. Career takes off as money planet Mars moves into your career sky on the 3rd at the top of your chart. Your social life is full, it’s not just about a good time, useful contacts are made, so don’t retreat from random get-togethers. Lovewise romance happens in spiritual venues. Then on the 13th Venus bathes you in starlight, and on the 16th love planet Mercury enters in your spiritual sky and showers you in stardust.